Strengthen the Family System

Rasool-Allah Sallallahu Alahih Wasallam Said Shall I not inform you of something more excellent in degree than fasting, prayer and charity (sadqah)? The people replied: Yes, Prophet of Allah! He said: making peace between people.

Increase in divorce rate in Pakistan is alarming. Unfortunately, this ratio is increasing on regular basis. Divorce is just not an end to a relationship on the contrary it will generates new psychological, and social issues among broken families.

We observed, number of foundation/NGOs and organization existing in our country for public welfare and benevolence but unfortunately this sensitive matters untouched.

To serve our nation Qasim Ali Shah Foundation set a milestone to provide convenient and better platform to families. For this Qasim Ali Shah himself shake hand with Justice Anwar-ul-Haq (former chief justice Lahore high court) to open reconciliation pathway for married couples, before approaching courts. Through this program we want to bring a national effort and provoke others NGO to join hands in this virtuous deed.


A mediation program provide best solutions for healthy married life
  • 1. Lessen the divorcee ratio

  • 2. Resolving married couple conflicts through counselling

  • 3. Making them to understand the importance of family

  • 4. Make them aware divorce build imperfect personalities and psychological issues in families


ASK is free of cost program for public welfare. Our team of experts are putting their tiring efforts to provide psychological help and counselling. We welcome people from all social-economic class to discuss with us all of their marital issues, our team of experts assure to provide privacy to all of matters

Contact the respected people online. The applicant fill the form and provide the basic required information. Team after analyzing the problems call the applicant to provide counselling online or by inviting them.