A Journey from a question to a result!

            To be, or not to be.

A question that emerges in the heart where Allah resides. Shakespeare’s quotation brings forth the question which is answer itself, as a question is the root of all knowledges and answer for a person who ask, think, ponder, observe, take action and succeed!


This life has been given to us to explore our best use in this world. Knowing our capabilities experiencing the enigma of passion converting it into profession molds one into best version of oneself. Be the first to expose yourself in the light of knowing yourself. A person can never be defeated if well-aware of thyself. Human life has a cause to live to spend time on this planet and this cause is the key to all doors. Search is within awakening the power to make one realize their duty. We all are on assignment assigned by Absolute Power. Better to start journey with a guidance from the acts of a mentor and sweeping through the travel he undertook for self-realization. Attend Apni Talash to discover yourself.


  • Starts
  • Duration 1 Day
  • Class Duration
  • Venue
  • Seats Available 100 People
  • Level All level


                                                  QASF Update!

Due to COVID-19, we are not conducting on-site sessions. Stay updated on our Youtube and Facebook for more updates