Time to Explore World

The journey is the destination.
                                 Dan Eldon

Its time to explore the world. Travelling opens up new horizons in mind building new concepts of multi- culturalism. A journey is worth taking if travelled with a mentor like Qasim Ali Shah. Qasim Ali Shah Foundation has launched international tour to two countries in one year to enhance the quality in a person’s lifestyle.


This life has been given to us to explore our best use in this world. Knowing our capabilities experiencing the enigma of passion converting it into profession molds one into best version of oneself. Be the first to expose yourself in the light of knowing yourself. Travel with us and explore what enlights you.

        Experience, travel - these are education in themselves.                                  Euripides


  • Starts October 19, 2018
  • Duration 6 Days
  • Destination Uzbekistan
  • Organizer QAS Foundation
  • Seats Available 120 People
  • Level Above 18 years
Tour Fee: Rs 115,000.00


                                                  QASF Update!

Due to COVID-19, we are not conducting on-site sessions. Stay updated on our Youtube and Facebook for more updates