Be More Exact!

No one is perfect in this universe but striving to be one?


Let’s help you to be more demanding among professionals through communication and selling skills that allows a person to present himself as a product for the a perfect buyer. Groom yourself for turning the table of your life and being in the best place you are created for! A five days course with ten experts offering their skills to nourish yours’. Be a part of How to Get a Dream Job and become excellent.

Those who are the most persistent, and work in true spirit, will invariably be most successful.                               Russell Simmons

A person in the right place at right time takes steps to success. But being right person demands nurturing and focus. Working on skill until it opens the doors for you wide-open. The responsible person is a gem among stones. Let’s get together to pick up all those gems and place them at right spot they are meant for.


  • Starts
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Class Duration
  • Institution
  • Seats Available 70 Student
  • Level All level


                                                  QASF Update!

Due to COVID-19, we are not conducting on-site sessions. Stay updated on our Youtube and Facebook for more updates