About Qasf

A little about us and a breif history of how we started.

Qasim Ali Shah Foundation believes in power of youth. We believe in your power to live an enlightened life, to be a source of positive change and to leave a legacy. You only get to live once and you have one chance to make your life about choices, not complaints; about developing, not stagnating; about fulfillment; not disappointment; about giving, not just taking. Why does your contribution matter? Because you are born different and You Can Do.

  • Pleasure and praising pain was born
  • The great explorer of the truth
  • Anyone who loves or pursues or desires
  • Shaping and Developing Youth.


Every awaken brain want grooming and personal development. For that we offer: the most impactful motivational seminars, leadership seminars, personal development seminars and the best coaches to help them attain, and maintain, their edge.

Our Vision

Striving for the best, a human can think, behave and act.

Our Mission

With the expertise and wisdom of our professionals, we are working for the capacity building, self motivation, skillfulness and success of beloved pakistanis.

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What People Say

Here are the reviews of great personalities about Qasim Ali Shah Foundation's Mission. It reflects our struggle, focus and commitment to Change.