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about us

Qasim Ali Shah Foundation was established in 2010 with the mission to improve the standard of people’s lives specially youth through different training programs,workshops and seminars.


Foundation and train the trainer introductory session were conducted to share the vision and mission of foundation.This platform is a great opportunity for people career counseling.


Foundation’s program are designed primary for learning of professional trainers,soft skill development practitioners and also greatly benefit anyone within organization who is responsible for developing others.

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Emotional Life

What we offer


Founadtion is the pioneer of executive development in Pakistan and specializes in the training of managers from industries.


We design and run management development programs specially tailored to meet the needs of individual companies.


Founadtion is in a unique position to provide qualitative, realistic and unbiased solutions to your organizational problems.


Our faculty is our strength and our investment in permanent and full-time faculty has proved to be the secret of our success.


Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain.


Achievements of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation


Latest News

Qasim Ali Shah
January 20, 2016

Badal Do

Qasim Ali Shah
January 20, 2016

Apni talash(Self Discovery)

Qasim Ali Shah
October 18, 2015

Plan Your 2018

Qasim Ali Shah
October 18, 2015

Stress Managment

What People Say

What people think about Qasim Ali Shah Foundation.

umer shabbir

Umer Shabbir

Teaching in the Islam is a perfect way of building minds and the careers as well. The Qasim Ali Shah Foundation helps the various aspects of life in the light of Islam.
syed sarfraz shah

Syed Sarfraz Shah

Qasim Ali Shah Foundation doesn't only teaches the moral and social values but also the islamic preachings, in a influential way. Qasim Ali Shah Foundation is the only platform that covers the coaching of almost all the aspects of life.
wasif bhai

Wasif Younus

As long as I'm part of the QAS Foundation, I polished my motivational, analytical, managerial and interpersonal skills which meditate a huge contribution in my professional and personal life. I'm always keen to contribute my services for the melioration of QAS Foundation.

Founder of MaxMind Soution

waleed 1

Waleed Najam

As a digital marketing expert, I always love to work with QAS foundation team and I'm always keen to contribute my services for the betterment of QAS Foundation. I really rank this foundation in top of the world.

Founder of WaleedNajam

qayyum nizami

Qayyum Nizami

Before joining Qasim Ali Shah foundation, I was just an ordinary social person,used to do simple social works in my town, but now I am a practiced and developed personality. I have got a sparking motivation from Qasim Ali shah Foundation.
kamran saeed

Kamran Saeed

I am not linked to this association for long, but within few time, I came to know that the Qasim ALi Shah Foundation is an instatant life changer platform. I am well satisfied and proud of this platform.
jugan kazim

Jugan Kazim

Qasim Ali Shah is a one man army that exerts its force of knowledge on everyone's mind. Never found such a true teacher and inspirational persolity before. Hope to see the Qasim ALi Shah Foundation expand widely.
imtiaz mahmud

Imtiaz Mehmud

We need to change our thoughts to contribute towards the positive change in our country. Qasim Ali Shah Foudation is helping in changing, grooming and developing the minds in a very effective way.